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Design by the book

These glossy guides may change your idea of what a house can be, writes Justine Costigan.


Ron Blombery will be disappointed with the answer to his question about what we got for $2.5 billion of insulation (Letters, February 20-21). It is unlikely to be energy savings.

Forte: Plastic Seats And Rockers


More Buyers Caught In Furniture Firm Closure

The Illawarra Mercury has been inundated with calls from angry Wollongong furniture shop customers who paid out thousands of dollars for furniture they never received. The Fair Trading Department is investigating at least 40 complaints from customers who dealt with Affordable Furniture and Beddin

Affordable Furniture Adds Style To Outdoors

There are two words Dick O'Donnell of Dixonline Backyard Furniture chooses to use when describing his Unanderra-based business - affordable and ultimate. He uses the word ultimate as a shortened version for quality, comfort and stylish. "We have some ultimate outdoor furniture at afforda